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membru din 3 noiembrie 2009


Peters Professional Combi-Sol
6-18-36 3MgO - TE

Peters Professional Combi-Sol has been specifically designed for application in combination with Calcium Nitrate (using the two-tank system).

Combi-Sol has enhanced levels of trace elements which deliver perfect results, even if diluted. The product has a 1:6 N:K ratio for promoting excellent, compact plant growth. It is ideal to use when irrigation water contains high levels of Nitrogen. It can also be used as a complete fertilizer.

Product Advantages
Contains NPK, Magnesium and trace elements
Pure formulations, no mixed substances
Quick plant response
Developed specially for peat-based plants
Has Peters unique M-77 chelating formula
100% small, water soluble granules

5 LEI /100GR

COMANDA MINIMA 20 LEI (comenzile se pot cumula)

Plata in cont Raiffaisen inainte de livrare.

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